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  • Smart Surveillance | Taiwan, Hotel Parking Slot

    Industrial Computing

    As a 4.4 star-rated hotel, Managers care about how to provide customers with best in class safety accommodation experiences. AI functions played a key role to provide complete private environment while keeping customers satisfied.

  • Smart Campus | Taiwan, Campus


    Intrusion and attack incidents; unfortunately, are happening on an increasing amount of school campuses. Parents and faculties are all worried about students’ safety. EverFocus has been dedicated to the security industry as a manufacturer for over 25 years. EverFocus is now moving on to provide solutions in various vertical markets to create a safer environment for the public.

  • Smart Transportation | Taiwan, Driverless Car


    After the sandbox law on self-driving supervision came into effect in 2019, Taiwan's self-driving cars were legally tested on the road, opening Taiwanese's imagination for self-driving cars. After arduous testing general road operation efforts, in mid-2020 the first unmanned bus was finally unleashed on the roads of Taipei City.

  • Smart Transportation | USA, Sweeper


    Nationwide Environmental Services applied EverFocus' mobile monitoring solution on 9 sweepers.

  • Smart Transportation | USA, Sweeper


    Valley Vista Services applied EverFocus' mobile monitoring solution on 5 sweepers.

  • Smart Surveillance | Taipei, Residential Area

    Industrial Computing

    eIVP5600 works as a server installed with EverFocus CMS to control multiple EverFocus VANGUARD 16-ch hybrid DVRs.
    Integrated with Intel AI box to perform AI functions (Geofence, Intrusion Detection, Fall Detection)

  • Smart Transportation | Spain, Metro


    Spain Metro Bilbao Installed EverFocus EMV1200 FHD MDVR and EMW330 Camera

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