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Why EverFocus

At EverFocus, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a guiding rule for all our operations. EverFocus is committed, in its operation and management, to active compliance with ethical standards, international norms, and the spirit of the law, with the goal of positively contributing to employee welfare and prosperity, as well as social welfare and the protection of our environment.
The principle of Corporate Social Responsibility, and model corporate citizenship extends to all aspects of our business, and also to individual stakeholders at EverFocus. Through our commitment to outstanding quality, exemplary service, continual innovation and sustainable growth, we look to create the greatest benefits to our shareholders, customers, employees, and society and the environment as a whole.
EverFocus Corporate Social Responsibility CommitmentsCorporate Social Responsibility covers the operation and management of enterprises and responsible to all stake-holders, as well as promoting green and sustainable social welfare concern.
For the country, society, employees, shareholders, customers, environment objects, put forward EverFocus corporate social responsibility commitments:

Establish good corporate governance; concern about the health and welfare of employees.
Comply with regulation and business ethics.
Participate in social welfare; care for vulnerable groups.
Pursue zero-disasters and zero-pollution; create a safe working environment.
Research and develop on green products to lower environmental impact.
With creativity, innovation, and originality to enhance the company's competitiveness and increasing equity.
With "high-quality, fast service, continual innovation, sustainable growth" business philosophy to provide excellent quality products and services.
To achieve "a well-being and successful life" corporate vision.

The above are EverFocus implementing corporate social responsibility goals and commitments. Not only we facilitate the implementation via organization resources, but also create a partnership with stakeholders to maintain good communication channels together with creating a win-win relationship.
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