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Safety First

Imagine―the moment you step out of your home in the morning, surrounded by all types of vehicles on the street. You first wish your kids a good day at school as you watch them get on the school bus. Then you make your way to the garage or the bus stop a few blocks down. Either in a car or a cab, you look out of your window and see a police car side by side. Either on a bus or a metro train, you take a look around and see the face of every other passenger on the same vehicle as you are. From one city to the next, one country to another, large numbers of people are constantly being transported at various frequencies.

Everyone’s safety is at stake

In the business of transport, fleet management and other mobile applications, precaution is always better than cure. Preventative measures are always more effective than reactive actions. With EverFocus Mobile Surveillance Solution, every day is Safety Day as safety has no holiday. At EverFocus MDVR / Mobile DVR Solutions, safety first means safety always.

Loss Prevention & Asset Protection

Other than safety, loss prevention, asset protection, incident management, risk reduction and access to clear evidence―today’s industry professionals face many challenges. Security threats, such as employee theft, shoplifting and organized crimes, are continually evolving. No organization can afford to overlook a surveillance system in place, which needs to be reliably robust and high performing. EverFocus is your best solution partner here.

Regardless of what industries you are from―automotive, health care, high tech, industrial manufacturing, retail; what businesses you need surveillance solutions for―courier, post-delivery, express mail, freight forwarding, third-party logistics, EverFocus will help protect critical infrastructure, prevent asset loss and drive your organization’s growth.

Why EverFocus?
EverFocus has made its name integrating hardware and software solutions, particularly by adapting existing infrastructure to meet customer needs. For nearly two decades, the firm has leveraged its expertise for clients in the transportation sector, providing them with the appropriate solutions and services to improve the safety and management of their networks.​

To further strengthen its portfolio of solutions, EverFocus is dedicating considerable effort to creating industrial PCs optimized for the needs of the surveillance sector. These offerings include its new AI Smart Surveillance Industrial Computer — a network video recorder (NVR) designed for use on mobile platforms that was awarded a 2020 Taiwan Excellence Award.

  • Integrated mobile communications facilitate vehicle tracking and fleet management
  • Automated archival platform wirelessly transfers recordings when buses are in range of access points in bus depot
  • Alarm button triggers recording of events, which can be used by law enforcement
  • Driver visual assistance system helps reduce blind spots of streetcars, cutting down on accidents
  • Real-time surveillance footage and GPS data easily accessible via smartphone or remote management systems
  • Onboard surveillance system enhances the safety of buses in India and facilitates vehicle tracking
  • Automated video recording and archival system simplifies the organization and storage of footage from hundreds of buses in Singapore
  • Driver visual assistance system​​

​♦ Networked cameras, recorders enhance safety, security and management of buses in India
With the planet’s second-largest population at more than 1.3 billion, India’s public transport systems are naturally among the most heavily used in the world. Public services are the primary mode of road transportation for most people in the country, making the proper management of such networks a heavy responsibility for their operators.


Since 2010, EverFocus has been providing equipment and solutions to enhance the security and safety of buses in India. The company began with a comprehensive analysis of the buses being used, starting with an evaluation of the best places to install video cameras and mobile digital video recorders on the vehicles. It then took a hard look at the recommended power infrastructure needed for its equipment and conducted installation tests. EverFocus attention to detail early in the process reduced the work and issues encountered when installing its surveillance equipment on buses and during subsequent maintenance.

In addition to improving the safety and security of buses, EverFocus provided 3G capabilities on its surveillance system. Thanks to the inclusion of mobile data communications, the system’s back end allow operators to easily track their bus fleets via GPS.

♦ Custom software solution automates storage of video from hundreds of buses in Singapore
SBS Transit Ltd., originally known as Singapore Bus Service, is a multi-modal public transport firm that is the city-state’s largest public bus operator, with more than 2,700 buses in 2007. Having long heard about the reputation of its products, SBS chose EverFocus to provide the core of its monitoring systems for buses.

In 2006, EverFocus supplied SBS with a total of 1,238 digital video recorders. One feature of the system is that if a bus driver sees a passenger vehicle illegally entering the bus lane, they can press an alarm button to record the incident. The Singaporean government can use this video evidence to issue fines, benefiting not only road safety in general but also SBS.

Senior staff at EverFocus’ research and development division created an automated archival software package for SBS. When a bus equipped with EverFocus’ hardware is within range of a wireless network access point in the bus depot, the software automatically interfaces with the digital video recorder and transfers event data. Any imagery needed by the customer can be wirelessly back-up to server for administrator to re-examine.

♦ ​Driver visual assistance system reduces blind spots of streetcars in historic Russian transportation hub
Saint Petersburg, Russia, has a long history of being a transportation hub, particularly on the rail networks. The city’s streetcar network was once the second-largest in the world and remains an important mode of transportation for many residents. With the demise of the local streetcar manufacturer, the network’s operator was forced to look abroad for replacement stock.


In 2016, Stadler Minsk won a contract to supply 23 streetcars for a new network in Krasnogvardeysky District, with delivery beginning in 2017. These new streetcars are equipped with EverFocus’ EMV1200 full-HD mobile digital video recorders, which form the foundation of a system that enhances safety and fleet management.

Streetcar networks tend to be more complicated than those of buses, so they have relatively stricter safety regulations. EverFocus developed a driver visual assistance system that helps reduce blind spots caused by the long body of a streetcar, thereby cutting down on accidents.

An integrated fleet management system makes it easy for users to access real-time surveillance camera and GPS tracking data for each vehicle. All of this information can be accessed via smartphone or remote management systems, with a simple interface that helps users easily playback or export the data they want.


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  • EMD935F

    1080p Full HD with high flexibility and performance for astounding image
    D-WDR to improve the visibility under high contrast scene

  • EMF917F

    1080p Full HD with high flexibility and performance for astounding image
    1080p CMOS sensor, delivering amazing high sensitivity

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