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  • 1.What is Main stream/Sub stream?

    The main stream with high resolution ,The sub stream with lower resolution
  • 2.How many channels I can monitoring in the EverfocusCMS main view?

    EverfocusCMS main view can select layout type to 128 channels; It can create up to 4 main view windows and 128 channels by each windows, it depend on you system performance.
  • 3.Can I use Chrome or Firefox to remote access into IP camera?

    We recommend used IE browser to remote access into IP camera, because Chrome and Firefox both are not allow to installed adobe flash and OCX plugin.
  • 4.What can I do if Vanguard does not detect the HDD?

    Check if the power supply system is properly connected and power cord and power cables are securely connected, and if something wrong with the HDD interface. Or you may check if your HDD is supported by referring to the specifications or descriptions.
  • 5.How to get further instructions for how to use Mobilefocus?

    Launch MobileFocus App, then go to help of bottom menu bar, click User manual to read it. There are instructions for how to use MobileFocus
  • 6.How many recording days of NVR?

    It depends on your recording setting, ex: resolution, frame rate, video quality..etc. You can go to our Everfocus website-> Support -> HDD Requirement calculator to get estimated storage number.
  • 7.What is WDR function used for?

    WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) is used for capturing images of objects surrounded by a strong backlight, while still keeping the background visible. A typical use is capturing scenes indoors that have large windows in the background with lots of sunlight. WDR would enable you to capture both the indoor and outdoor/background scene clearly.
  • 8.What is AHD camera?

    AHD cameras are capable of capturing high definition video surveillance at 720p and 1080p resolutions. AHD camera use coax cable to transmit HD video to DVRs.
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