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The Traffic Flow System is powerful enough to analyze data from up to 6 connected IP cameras in real-time with an operating range of more than 80 meters. The highly optimized and fully configurable trajectory processing engine is able to evaluate dozens of detection tasks in each camera view in parallel. The configuration of detection tasks is performed using the visual programming language called FLOW, specifically by parallel or serial connection of spatial, temporal or attribution filters or other operators. For example the emulation of an inductive loop at any location in the camera view is a matter of just a few clicks and it is the same for more complex scenarios such as U-turn detection, blocking vehicle detection, queue detection or average speed measuring. The system is fully interactive and responds to new settings configurations live. The system is also able to provide statistical data about the events in different aggregation modes such as whole history, time blocks, floating window or define time interval. This data can be visualized on a user defined dashboard using interactive widgets for heat map data, tables, trajectories, statistical values etc. The historical data together with the real-time detected events are available via open APIs for 3rdpartiesor can be exported in various formats. The unit has multiple connectivity options with traffic controllers including data communication (UDP/REST/webhook), relay or SDLC expander. The system supports remote configuration if the internet connection is available including updates.
Powered by FLOW, the most powerful traffic framework FLOW is a fully interactive video analytical traffic framework designed for real-time driven applications. It is the fastest and the most efficient way to transform any video stream into a stream of action able insights. The first tool visualizes traffic data live right at your fingertips and communicates with the other parts of your smart infrastructure using openAPIs.
Video detection features FLOW is powered by a proprietary developed and globally trusted video analytical engine utilizing deep-learning. This engine is capable of detecting and tracking hundreds of objects in multi camera environments simultaneously.
Interactive data visualization FLOW allows you to visualize the extracted information and analyses using interactive widgets on the customizable dash boards. Create a beautiful and live visualization of the current traffic situation.
Traffic analysis functions FLOW supports various traffic analytic functions and operators that can be combined into a comprehensive traffic analysis running in real-time. Thanks to the unique visual traffic programming language, you will be a designer of a monitoring solution tailored to your specific needs.
Data interfaces FLOW was born for integration with other parts of smart infrastructure. Any type of extracted traffic insights can be continuously delivered to 3rd party systems using an open API which supports multiple communication protocols including UDP and REST.
 Traffic Flow Systems Achievements

Dynamic control
  • Vehicle presence
  • Speed data, level of service
  • Queue length & occupancy
  • Distances - time & space 
Traffic violations
  • U-turn detection
  • Wrong-way detection
  • Illegal lane change
  • Red-light violation 
Vulnerable road user protection
  • Pedestrian/cyclist presence
  • Conflict detections
  • Jaywalking 

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