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  • 1.How to correct the time in a non-network environment?

    Ans: Can use GPS to adjust time Please go to System Setting->Date/Time -> Time Sync to set the GPS. Select to synchronize the MDVR time with GPS time. For this function to work, a GPS antenna is required to connect to the MDVR to receive GPS signal.
  • 2.Can it support power delay on or delayed shutdown?

    Ans: Please go to Menu-->System-->Record to set up Power Delay-On: Set the delay time to supply power to the mobile DVR in order to avoid excess consumption surge at ignition. Power Delay-Off: Set the delay time to power off the mobile DVR after ignition off. It can extend the recording time after ignition off.
  • 3.Removing the hard drive, how to read the video data in the hard drive?

    Ans: Please download EF-Reader Tool to read the video data in the hard disk. Please refer to the following website to download the software.
  • 4.How to connect the power cord?

    Ans: Please refer to the power cord picture below. Yellow line,please connect ignition. Red lines , please connect to ACC Power (Vehicle Battery) Black lines, please connect GND.
  • 5.I forget my password of DVR/IP camera/NVR?

    Ans. Please provide your system serial number, MAC Address for reset your password
  • 6.How do I see my system remotely via Xfleet?

    Ans. Please use your phone to scan below QR code, or search "Xfleet", if you still cannot find the way out, please contact [email protected]
  • 7.How to switch between VGA and BNC main and sub-screens?

    Ans: Press hold panel the function button for 3 seconds to switch the RCA / BNC video output from call monitor to main monitor; and to switch the VGA video output from main monitor to call monitor. To switch back the main and call monitors, press the button for 3 seconds again.
  • 8.Does it support hot-swapping of hard drives?

    Ans: The mobile DVR does not support hot swap for the hard disk. Ensure to power off the mobile DVR before removing the hard disk. Also ensure to remove the hard disk only after the power is completely shut-off. This would protect and extend the operating life of the hard disk.
  • 9.Inserting the hard disk and turning on the device, it still shows that there is no hard disk device?

    Ans: Please check device panel the hdd tray lock is lock.
  • 10.What voltage does the host require?

    Ans: Device supports voltages between 9vdc~36vdc.
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