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Speaker Tracking Solutions for Conference

AV Over IP
We are glad to share a user story about AREC’s DS-4CU, speaker tracking solutions, from one of the largest transport partnerships in the northern UK. This story is about to show how easy it is to set up a conference room for multiple speakers' discussion and simplify the workflow of building “Teams Rooms” with AREC’s system.
The purpose of creating this conference solution is to unify local authorities and other significant stakeholders in the region and enhance regional transport services coordination and implementation. Hence, a robust and functional conferencing infrastructure is required.
DS-4CU, the speaker tracking station, was provided to the customer by our AV over IP solutions provider, AREC’s partner ADENA LIMITED, and their UK distributors, Tukans/CUK Group, and the system integrator, Xuper, in the UK. 
2023 NOV_04

DS-4CU set up in the Teams Rooms diagram
AREC’s DS-4CU, the speaker tracking system, bridges the preset points on the PTZ cameras and the Televic Confidea microphones system in the workflow. DS-4CU can simultaneously work with up to 4 cameras for up to 99 preset points on the participant and the system supports the custom name tag, layout, and 3 kinds of speaking modes.
AREC’s DS-4CU has been integrated with Televic Confidea FLEX G4 microphone systems. The DS-4CU sent out the command to trigger the corresponding present point of the PTZ camera to take a view of the person when the Televic microphone was activated. The system ensures the speakers are always in focus during meeting discussions by providing different tracking modes, including multiple speakers, override, and FIFO modes.
DS-4CU Front and Back
AREC DS-4CU feature highlights:
  • Supports up to 4 IP cameras at a time and up to 99 preset points from each camera.
  • Automatic view switching is fully integrated with Bosch, Shure, Show, and Hayaco press-to-talk microphone systems.
  • Ability to switch between individual views with specific layouts and change overlays for group discussions.
  • Supports three modes of speaker view to turn on meeting discussion: "Override" mode, "First in, first out" mode, and "Full view" mode.
  • Provides Restful API/RS-232/TCP documentation for third-party control device integration.
Please click on the following link ( to learn more about the DS-4CU. Please feel free to reach out to ”[email protected]” or visit AREC's website ( if you want to learn more about speaker tracking solutions.
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