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Why EverFocus?
EverFocus Electronics Corp. is one of the world’s leading providers of surveillance products and AIoT solutions, and industrial PCs. As part of its commitment to delivering the best products and first-class services to customers, the company continuously adopts the cutting-edge technology, as well as advanced manufacturing processes to ensure production efficiency.

EverFocus has made its name integrating hardware and software solutions, particularly by adapting existing infrastructure to meet customer needs. It is for reasons such as these that it was selected to provide 20,000 cameras to the Taipei City Police Department and nationwide maintenance services for Taiwan’s Coast Guard Administration, among other milestones.

  • Multi-lens cameras reduce blind spots in complex areas
  • Back-end analysis provides automated identification and tracking of items of interest
  • Integration of existing infrastructure simplifies management and reduces costs
  • Automated image recognition improves security and provides warning of potentially dangerous situations
  • Genie XMS central management system makes access to cloud-connected network video recorders and retrieval of material easy
  • Genie XMS combines audio, video and mapping capabilities to provide a clear picture of situations in real time
  • Smart camera network boosts security at Taipei City Hall
  • New image recognition system and integration of existing infrastructure simplify operations for Chunghwa Post
  • Combination of audio, video and mapping functionality creates a comprehensive security solution for National Taiwan University​

​​♦ Smart cameras boost the security of Taipei City Hall
Taipei City Hall is a complex structure so vast that visitors often get lost. Such immensity and complexity means that its security considerations are just as expansive. In 2020, the Taipei City Government chose to collaborate with EverFocus to upgrade Taipei City Hall’s surveillance system.

EverFocus has supplied scores of IP cameras for general surveillance, while high-speed dome cameras provide coverage for outdoor areas. In addition, multi-lens units in the basement reduce the number of blind spots, increasing the safety of women entering and leaving the structure.

The feeds from all of the surveillance cameras are transmitted to a central control room. There, back-end analysis provides automated scanning and tracking for security personnel, who can also manually focus on items of interest. The control room is also connected to intercoms at emergency exits, which are commonly used for access to the structure on weekends and holidays.

♦ Integrated systems and image recognition simplify operations for Chunghwa Post
At Chunghwa Post’s Taipei Mail Processing Center, a diverse range of surveillance systems installed over the years had resulted in unnecessary maintenance and management overhead. In search of a unified solution, Chunghwa Post, Taiwan’s official postal service, turned to EverFocus. 


EverFocus set out to integrate, replace or upgrade all of the facility’s surveillance equipment. The firm started by integrating basic infrastructure, including a new communications network and existing analog solutions. EverFocus then replaced numerous cameras and recorders to improve image quality, as well as to lay the groundwork for the expansion of image recognition capabilities.

For this project, EverFocus deployed its Soter64 network video recorder. This Intel Ready-for-Proposal (RFP) Ready server supports up to 64 channels and as much as 80 terabytes of storage. Its Intel Xeon E CPU provides all the necessary horsepower for back-end operations, such as automatically processing surveillance footage and alerting staff.

For example, by adding license plate recognition, the system can keep track of vehicles while they are on the premises. In addition, facial recognition allows the system to keep an eye on people entering the facility, helping to prevent illegal access. Meanwhile, smoke, fire and other types of automated detection enhance overall safety at the center.

♦ Combination of audio, video and mapping create a comprehensive security solution for National Taiwan University
National Taiwan University is not only the nation’s premier higher-learning institution, it also boasts several sprawling campuses covering a combined 1.6km² in the Greater Taipei area alone. With so much ground to cover, it is only natural that the university would also have an extensive surveillance camera network to ensure the safety of its faculty and students.

EverFocus has supplied some of the surveillance equipment deployed at the university, making its own unique contribution to improving on-campus security. The company provided 178 security cameras — including Power-over-Ethernet speed dome models — all of which feature full-HD recording with a wide dynamic range, a built-in network interface and true day/night functionality to ensure round-the-clock coverage. In addition, 37 emergency intercom units were installed at important on-campus intersections.

However, the most important feature EverFocus provided the university is the Genie XMS central management system. Through Genie XMS, security personnel can access cloud-connected network video recorders to easily call up any footage they desire. Thanks to a platform map function, when any of the emergency intercom units are used, Genie XMS automatically alerts security staff, displays the location of the intercom and provides a real-time video feed. This three-pronged approach of audio, video and mapping provides the university with a comprehensive security solution.

To alleviate any possible privacy concerns, access to the university’s closed-circuit surveillance system is limited to the campus network.


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