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EverFocus is able to secure our future by protecting students with Smart Campus Solution

Intrusion and attack incidents; unfortunately, are happening on an increasing amount of school campuses. Parents and faculties are all worried about students’ safety. EverFocus has been dedicated to the security industry as a manufacturer for over 25 years. EverFocus is now moving on to provide solutions in various vertical markets to create a safer environment for the public. Overcoming landscape and environmental restrictions was a challenge for us when trying to efficiently deploy our Smart Campus Solution.
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Deploying hybrid systems saves precious time and money for the pursuit of safety
Considering that most campuses most likely are already equipped with analog cameras, we not only provide a full-functional system but also an XVR (Hybrid Video Recorder) to support COAX and IP camera connections – IP cameras have intelligence capabilities and usually have higher resolutions available to them.  By deploying our XVRs campuses will be able to migrate to IP as their budgets allow them to, or they can update their current analog cameras to our 4K analog cameras without having to pull out their current COAX cables – this saves them money and time. With the help of the EverFocus CMS (Central Management System), users will be able to access EverFocus’s networked surveillance devices (DVR/NVR) through internal CGI commands. Furthermore, our CMS supports remote PTZ controls which enables fast and steady control and connection of cameras’ video streams.
Build Ai Fence to make immediate response to danger
With our system integration and product design professionals, we have overcome the challenge. EverFocus provides Ai Fence equipped with Infrared detection which will trigger a real-time alarm to deter any intruder who crosses the Ai fence. The warning will immediately pop up on the window on the host computer. Push notifications to our mobile app will also be sent at the same time. In this case, the security officer would immediately take the action and see what is going on, thus solving the problem.
All in all, EverFocus provides products from back-end to front-end to make campuses safety more realistic and less costly.

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